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Rehband 7084 Knee Support


This durable knee compression sleeve from Rehband provides a firm, anatomical fit during power lifts, oly lifts, Strongman training— just about any sustained or high-rep movement that puts stress on an athlete’s knees. Made from a 7mm thick Neoprene material, the 7084 Knee Support compresses and warms the knee joint to promote better blood flow, while its flexible 3-D design prevents slipping and enables a greater range of motion.

The 7084 Knee Support is Rehband’s most advanced 7mm knee sleeve and has been used by accomplished athletes during CrossFit Games and World’s Strongest Man competitions. Whether you’re rehabbing from a knee injury, dealing with soreness and swelling, or just looking to prevent unneeded knee damage down the road, these sleeves are a smart, affordable solution.

Use the sizing chart below to determine which size knee sleeve is best for you. If you’re looking for a tighter competition fit, consider selecting a sleeve one size smaller than the chart suggests.

Measuring:  When measuring, ensure that the Knee is slightly bent (about 30° flexion). 

Sizing is based on a measurement of your  calf , about 15cm below your patella.

  • X-Small (30-32cm)

  • Small (32-34cm)

  • Medium (34-36cm)

  • Large (36-38cm)

  • X-Large (38-40cm)

Note: This product is priced per sleeve, not per pair.

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