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Unbroken Designs

Moving heavy weight? Get extra support for your back while being fashion forward with these leather Lifting belt designs.
Foam cushioning and neoprene interior lining makes for extra comfort. Steel dual-pronged buckle secures belt snuggly around your waist, and helps to stabilize your entire midsection and relieve stress from your lower back.
Unbroken Designs was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Rando and Kat Leone. Both are multi regional athletes who started Unbroken to create things that they wanted to use and wear. 
Jennifer Rando, is a singer, voice coach, fashion fanatic and hails from the Mid-Atlantic Region. Kat Leone is a life-long accessory designer and SoCal Regionals athlete at Paradiso CrossFit.  
Unbroken strives to push the envelope in fusing fashion with fitness. All our Unbroken Designs products are Games, Regionals and American Open tested.
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