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Rehband products are a fusion of medical knowledge and modern materials. All products are produced in their European factory to exacting standards.

The Core Line is designed to enhance athletic performance and provide pain relief. It’s anatomically shaped and has a greater degree of warmth, compression and stability than the Rehband Blue Line.

“If you train regularly you will no doubt start experiencing joint, tendon, ligament or muscle pain. Pain is part of the game. But pain will also influence what you bring to your training session. For this reason I have been using Rehband knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, shorts and back support for my training sessions. They provide warm and support and help reduce the discomfort you feel while lifting heavy weights.

One lesson I learnt early on is that discomfort strongly influences your perception of difficulty and can change the way you train. I want to bring my best to each session and these products help. I have tried a few different brands, but I was put onto Rehband by one of the powerlifting greats Brad Gillingham. Rehband are miles ahead of any of the others. Thats why you see the worlds leading weightlifters, powelifters and strongmen wearing their products. If you train regularly these will really make a difference. They are worth every cent and more.”

- Steve Pritchard, Oceania Powerlifting champion

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