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Progenex is a leading premium protein and complete sports nutritional supplement brand for CrossFit and other high intensity endurance sports.

Focused on developing pre workout and post workout supplements that work as hard as you do. Our premium quality protein and recovery supplements can help you achieve your goals in your particular sport such as CrossFit, Weightlifting, Cycling and other endurance and intensive sports.

After an intense workout, your body needs to recover quickly in order to perform again. Progenex will help to accelerate your recovery to allow you to train again sooner.

Our 100% whey and complete sports nutritional supplements are made with natural ingredients. CrossFitters, weightlifters and endurance sportspeople can all use this on a regular basis without any hesitation.

The range of products available including Progenex Recovery, Progenex More Muscle, Progenex Cocoon, Progenex Build, Progenex Flow, Progenex Force and Progenex Omega+. Build lean muscle and recover strong after every workout.

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